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Jul 1, 2018

Women's Perspectives on the Second Amendment and the Gun Culture

It is finally here!  David and Mark hand over the show to their wives, Sandy and Christen, and return guest Tiffany Johnson.  Join them as they talk about the Second Amendment and Firearms Culture from a woman's perspective.  If you're a female gun owner, shooter, concealed carrier, or know someone who is, we think you'll enjoy this!

This episode is the first of what we hope will be a regular part of the Shooters Nation schedule.  Be sure to leave a review on iTunes or send them some feedback by visiting our website.


About Sandy Yancy:

  • Sandy is a Registered Nurse and lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, David, their two kids and two dogs.

About Christen Lancaster:

  • Christen also works in healthcare and lives in rural New Hampshire with her husband, Mark, their two kids and two dogs.  Christen and Mark own Squared Away Customs.

About Tiffany Johnson:

  • Tiffany is an attorney, educator, firearms trainer, blogger and Second Amendment advocate.  She lives in Memphis with her two dogs.  Tiffany keeps a fantastic blog on the Second Amendment and Firearms Culture at


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