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Welcome to the Shooters Nation Podcast!  Join us as we discuss Guns and Gear, Training,  Mindset and Knowledge, Industry News and Buzz, and of course the Firearms Culture.

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Jun 24, 2018

Church Safety and Security Teams

David and Mark speak with guest, William, about establishing an All-Hazards response team and protocol for places of worship.  William is a retired US Navy SEAL who now serves as the Director of Campus Security for a large church and attached private school in Middle Tennessee. 


Jun 17, 2018

Tiffany Johnson and Aqil Qadir on Widening the 2A Tent.

(Diversity and Inclusion in the Firearms Community)


David sits down with the lovely, armed and responsibly dangerous Ms. Tiffany Johnson, Esq. of the FrontSightPress blog, and her partner Aqil Qadir of Civilians Safety Academy, to talk about diversity and...

Jun 10, 2018

Traveling While Armed.  It's Time for Vacation!

The Summer months are here and for many of us that means traveling for vacation!  David and Mark discuss the ins and outs of traveling while armed, share their personal experiences of flying with guns and dealing with the TSA, and driving across state lines with...

Jun 3, 2018

Debrief on Making Our Schools Safer

Listen Episode #13 before this one!  Our last episode was huge and left a lot of thoughts racing through our minds.  US Navy SEAL, William, gave us a ton of things to think about and our listeners sent in quite a few questions that they wanted answered afterward.  In this episode,...